Photography projects

This section comprises of our recent photo shooting of various amazing coastal beach sceneries, Self portraits and Sunset Silhouettes which were taken by Imara’s- Photographer in Mombasa…Read More


Have a look at our gallery to view the various dynamic photo shoot images which were taken by Soud photographer in Kenya. They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words,we bare the soul to tell different stories through the eye of the camera.View more

Soud Juma- The photographer

Get to know more about this young talented Kenyan photographer who is establishing a name in the field of photography.Read his story on his profession in the photographic industry, the love and enthusiasm he has on his freelance job. Read more

Photographers Blog

 The Photography blog comprises of various art work from fashion photography,nature,wedding photography and many others. This is where the Kenyan Photographer has unveiled his extra enthusiasm on photography by blogging. View Blog